Datapalooza 2017...November 4-5

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Gaughan Multicultural Center: Unity Room 212
*Open to ALL Undergraduates*

Registration is FREE...Spots are limited...

Entries include: food, t-shirt, USB drive, Husker lanyard and...PRIZES(TBA)!

Teams of up to four can register via  UNL Market Place

Hosted by UNL's Quantitative Life Sciences Initiative and Holland Computing Center, this intense two-day event will feature teams of up to four undergraduates, assisted by graduate students, working to find and share meaning in a large, rich, and complex dataset. After analyzing data provided by an industrial sponsor (to be announced – shhhh!), teams will present to a panel of judges to compete for prizes. 

 "The goal of the competition is to get students to collaborate and compete on a data analysis question that is likely beyond the scope of what they see in their classes.  The judging is based not only on the computational and the analytical skills of the competitors, but also how well they communicate their results in a short amount of time," Jennifer Clarke, Director of the Quantitative Life Sciences Initiative. 

We are delighted that Carrie Brown from the Holland Computing Center will be leading a datapalooza tutorial on day one – with pizza lunch – so put on your fun hats and come pick up some mad data skills!

*Participants will be eligible for 1 core year worth of job scheduling priority increases on the Holland Computing Center cluster Crane, to be utilized anytime during or after the event.


Saturday, November 4 (Room open through 10pm)

9:00 Check In/breakfast buffet

9:30-10:00 Intro

10-12 tutorial

12:00 pizza buffet

Work through 10:00 pm


Sunday, November 5 (Room opens at noon)

12:00 am Brunch buffet

Work through 2:00pm

2:00-3:00 Presentations

Break for judging

3:30-4:00 Awards/cookies