Big Data Consortium


The big data consortium is a campus-wide group of faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and students devoted to collegial exploration of computational and analytical development and research, spanning the academic fields of mathematics, statistics, computational sciences, genetics and genomics, and bioinformatics. The consortium currently has over seventy members and meets monthly to share recent developments in data science and spawn new collaborative efforts in research and education.

The ORED 2014 Interdisciplinary Research Retreat featured an area of emphasis on Big Data in research and education, Big Data Consortium supported and organized by the Big Data Consortium in collaboration with David Swanson, Director, HCC; and Andew K. Benson, Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology. This area featured a series of presentations by UNL faculty and their collaborators to highlight their research and experience in working with Big Data. Key speakers included Ian Fisk from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, William G. Thomas III from the Department of History, and Eric Lyons from the iPlant Collaborative and the University of Arizona. Presentations were followed by discussion of resources for Big Data research both locally and nationally and the skill set required to use Big Data to further scientific research