Pathology and Biomedical Science

The Pathobiology and Biomedical Science specialization within the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Ph.D. Program is designed to prepare graduate students to address complex problems in normal and pathogenic processes through systems-oriented curriculum and cutting edge collaborative research. Graduates in this program will have received rigorous training in the application and underlying concepts of quantitative research methods, critical literature evaluation, grantsmanship, and statistics. Through this program, students will have exposure to teaching in the life sciences and mentored laboratory research at the cutting edge of the discipline.

Upon successful completion of the Specialization in Pathobiology and Biomedical Science, students will have mastered the skills and concepts necessary to;

  1. Formulate and experimentally test new hypotheses about normal and pathogenic processes
  2. Demonstrate competence in quantitative biology
  3. Apply theories and methodologies related to biological systems
  4. Conduct and provide leadership in basic and applied research.
Pathobiology and Biomedical Science Courses