In an effort to connect and share insights with UNL faculty, students and postdocs in the computational sciences, experts specializing in data management, analytics, and the future of information gathered at Nebraska Innovation Campus for the UNL Symposium on the Future of Big Data.

The event provided an opportunity for students and postdoctoral researchers to discuss problems, solutions and the future of the expanding field," says Jennifer Clarke, Director of the Computational Sciences Initiative, a university-wide initiative to develop research and educational opportunities in big data sciences. "Our intent was to bring together the UNL community with representatives from federal agencies, industry, and academia to explore the challenges and opportunities that come with our abilities to collect, store, and analyze ever growing collections of data.

Welcome: "Future of Data Symposium, November 6 & 7, 2014"

Jennifer Clarke, Director, Computational Sciences Initiative, UNL
Steve Goddard, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, UNL
Archie Clutter, Dean, Agricultural Research Division, IANR, UNL
Dan Hoyt, Associate Dean for Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences, UNL

Welcome to the Future of Data Symposium video

"Analytics, Big Data, Cognitive Computing and More for a Better Tomorrow"

Valinda Scarbro Kennedy, IBM-Academic Initiative Team

"Data Science in Agriculture"

Jefffrey Gerard, Quantitative Researcher, The Climate Corporation

"Improving Performance, Uptime and Efficiencies of Machines through the use of Data"

Jerry Roell, Director of Business Development, Marketing and Planning, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group

"The Challenges in Earth Science Informatics"

Tsengdar Lee, Program Manager/Program Scientist, NASA-High-End Computing/ Weather Focus Area

"Challenges of Big Data in the Social Sciences"

Adam Glynn, Associate Professor of Political Science, Emory University
Konstantin Kashin, Co-Author

"Data Mangement Services at UNL Libraries"

Jennifer Thoegersen, Assistant Professor and Data Curation Librarian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"Big Data in Context"

George Strawn, Director National Coordination Office, Networking and Information Technology Research & Development

"NIH as a Digital Enterprise"

Phillp Bourne, Associate Director for Data Science, National Institute of Health


"Big Data at DOE"

Ian Foster, Director of Computational Institute, University of Chicago/Argonne Ntl Laboratory, DOE

"Data Science Capacity and Infrastructure: An NSF Priority"

Fen Znao, Staff Associate at the Office of Assistant Director for Computer & Information Science & Engineering, National Science Foundation

"High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping, -Omics and Analytics"

Todd Mockler, Faculty/Adjunct, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center/Washington University

"Why Storage for Big Data is Hard"

Henry Neeman, Founding Director/Assistant VP of Information and Technology/Research Strategy Advisor/Associate Professor, Adjunct, University of Oklahoma/OSCER-OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research

Video presentation titled What Does Agricultural Communication Mean in the 21st Century?

University of Nebraska Heuermann Lecture: "What Does Agricultural Communication Mean in the 21st Century?"

Moderator: Orion Samuelson, WGN - Chicago

With panelists Barb Glenn, National Association of State Directors of Agriculture; Kevin Murphy, Food Chain Communication; Marcy Tessmann, Charleston - Orwig; Ronnie Green, University of Nebraska-Lincoln