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Metagenomics Mondays...2018 Fall Seminar Series

Microbial communities have a strong impact on all aspects of life on earth, including agriculture, human and animal health, and in all ecosystems.  At UNL, ISU and beyond, challenges and opportunities in microbiome research are being addressed using novel approaches from diverse disciplines. Researchers working in this area are in animal science, biosystems engineering, plant pathology, agronomy, veterinary medicine, and others. In this seminar series, we will host speakers from veterinary sciences, plant sciences, microbiology, statistics, data science, engineering and more. 

Unmanning Data Mondays: Getting the human out of unmanned aerial systems data.

Hosted by The Digital Agriculture Spoke of the Midwest Big Data HubNSF BDSPOKES - Digital Agriculture: Unmanned Aerial Systems, Plant Sciences and Education (UASPSE), the webinar series will feature speakers from academia and industry to discuss and introduce participants to UAS data analysis software and algorithms, metadata standards, and best practices, with a goal of harmonizing UAS data access, reproducibility and reuse across institutions and industry. 

Plant Phenomics Phridays

The Midwest Big Data Hub Digital Agriculture Spoke and the University of Nebraska Quantitative Life Sciences Initiative are hosting a fall research seminar series: Plant Phenomics Phridays. This is a continuation of the series hosted by Iowa State University over the summer (http://www.bcb.iastate.edu/plant-phenomics-phridays-seminar-3). In this series of weekly seminars, challenges and opportunities in the plant sciences will be addressed using novel approaches from diverse disciplines. Speakers in this seminar series include statisticians, biologists, data scientists, and engineers. All seminars will be webcast for remote participants.