Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision

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Our Vision

"The QLSI provides leadership in data science education and research to enable life scientists to achieve ground-breaking discoveries."

Big Data
We focus in areas requiring innovations in big data management and analytics including Genetics/Genomics/Multi-Omics, Imaging, Experimental Design and Data Science Strategy and Advanced Cyberinfrastructure.
Statistics and AI
Overcoming novel research challenges in the life sciences will require the use of tools built upon the foundations of Statistics and AI. Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling are growing fast and to help researchers use them effectively, we provide education and training and promote Open Science and FAIR principles.
Scientific Discovery
All of the tools and methods we build and use are for the ultimate goal of making novel scientific discoveries in the Life Sciences. We aim to be a major contributor to the life sciences community working to identify the roles of Genome/Environment/Management in crop health and resilience, discover new Biological signatures and biomarkers for medicine and agriculture, decipher the link between genome and phenome and make predictions about the future of life on earth.
Ear Tagging Cattle

Our Mission

Educate future researchers and collaborate with established and early career researchers at the interface of the data and life sciences towards groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

The Quantitative Life Sciences Initiative hires researchers from a diverse set of backgrounds to apply their expertise towards problems in the Life Sciences. See our staff page to get more information about our research team and then check out our projects page for more information about what is happening here at the QLSI.
In addition to being a leader of Life Sciences and Computing research at UNL, QLSI is also involved in an international community of life sciences researchers contributing to several organizations around the world.
Graduate Education and Mentorship
The complex biosystems program is a graduate program for students interested in integration of an array of scientific disciplines for the advancement of life sciences research.
Students from the Complex Biosystems Program.